The Moving Platform Maker 2D Asset is the solution to easily create 2D moving platforms.

Here is what you can do:


Let's talk about how it works.


Creating a path from the GameObject menu:

A path consists of:

a) Edit button

The edit button enables the path editor, where you can add, remove and move points of the path.

- Editing and moving points:

- Adding new points at the end:
Hold Shift and click in the position that you want the new point.
(This option is not available when the path is Cyclic.)

- Adding new points in the middle:
Hold Shift and click in the circles that appear between the existent points.

- Removing points:
Hold Ctrl and click on the points that you want to remove.

b) Easing curve

The easing curve of the path can be adjusted for the movement of the path follower. The default curve is a straight line and it's the best option when using with an open path or connected:

You can use a sigmoid curve to make the movement smoother:

c) Type

There are three types of Paths:

1 - Cyclic:

2 - Ping Pong:

2.1 - Ping-Pong - Open start:

2.2 - Ping-Pong - Open end:

3 - Connected:

Path follower

The path follower is a game object that can follow a path. It can be a platform, an enemy, etc.
How to create a path follower?

A path follower consists of:

a) Active

It defines whether this object is active in following the path or not. If not it'll stand still.

b) Direction

It defines the direction that it'll follow the path. Forward: from start to end. Backward: from end to start. In a ping pong path the direction changes when the follower reaches the boundaries.

c) Speed

It defines the speed of the follower.

d) Gravity

The gravity acceleration of the follower when out of the path. It has it's own acceleration independent of the unity physics system.

e) Look At Next Waypoint

Useful for enemies, when following a path it turns it's front in the direction of the next waypoint of the path, relativelly to the X axis. Example:


It is used to activate a path follower when the player or something enters in the trigger area.
How to create a trigger ?

A BoxCollider2D will be added to the game object. You can change to any other collider 2D you want, it just need to be a trigger.

A path follower trigger consists of:

a) Layer Mask

The layer mask defines which layers can interact with the trigger.

b) Followers

A list of path followers that will activate when the trigger is fired.

c) Active Only When Inside

If checked, the followers will only be active when the player is inside the trigger area. If unchecked, the followers will be activated when the player enters the first time into the trigger area.

d) Change Direction On Activate

Each time the trigger is activated it will change the follower's direction.


How to create a circular platform controller?

A circular platform controller consists of:

a) Gizmo Color

The color of the circle gizmo.

b) Degrees per second

The angular velocity of the platforms in degrees per second.

c) Radius

The radius of the circle.

d) Number Of Platforms

The number of platforms that will be instantiated.

e) Platform Prefab

The platform prefab that will be instantiated.

You can use it for enemies also.

Moving platform

This script is used in the platform prefab and is responsible for carrying the player.

Falling platform

This script is used in the platform to set a delay to fall after being touched by the player.


There are 2 decorators that can help to better visualize the paths. Just add the script to the path game object.

It shows the path in the scene view in the editor.

It creates line renderers to show the path in the scene view and also in the game view.


Demo Scenes

The demo scenes were inspired by Super Mario World's levels. All the images and music are open sourced.

Donut plains 3



Forest Fortress




Unity Chan 2D

The demo scenes were created using the Unity-Chan 2D which is not included in the asset. Unity-Chan is a copyright © Unity Technologies Japan/UCL. The Unity-Chan package can be downloaded here. Please read the licence terms before using it for any purpose.
In order to make it easier to achieve the same results, here are the configurations for each scene. Just add Unity-Chan 2D prefab to the scene and configure as follows:

Donut Plains 3

Donut Plains 3

Donut Plains 3

Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress

That's it. What do you think?